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Addiction is an obsessive desire to use certain substances (alcohol, nicotine, marijuana) or to participate in certain activities (sex, games, shopping). The most common types of addiction are:

As a rule, those who try to escape from reality fall into the trap of addiction. After several repetitions, addiction imperceptibly takes root in life. Over time, the frequency of action together with the dose increases. There is the regularity of action, especially when you feel stress, boredom, pain or loneliness. The addicted person begins to believe that nothing will help to cope with the experiences, except for the subject of dependence.

Since addiction is a departure from reality, addiction begins either with the use of psychoactive substances or with certain actions that change the mental state.

Five stages of addiction:

  1. man has learned a way in which he can change his mental state;
  2. he begins to use it in difficult moments;
  3. this new state becomes an indisputable part of his personality;
  4. this new part of the personality begins to significantly affect a person’s life;
  5. there is the destruction of the psyche and physiological processes in the body.

There are two types of dependencies: physical and emotional. Physical dependence occurs after the use of a psychoactive substance. Such substances, including nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, caffeine, and certain medications.

Emotional dependence is due to gambling behavior, irresistible attraction, and impulsive unconditional fulfillment. When these needs are met, pleasure and relief are felt.

However, most addictions are not related to physical addiction. Any addiction has powerful psychological support, and this explains why people often switch from one drug to another, which has a completely different effect, or even an action that is not associated with the use of psychoactive substances. The main thing in addiction is not the substance itself, but the need to take action when feeling stressed. Therefore, when working with any type of addiction, you need to start by studying the psychological aspect.