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Epilepsy is one of the most common chronic neurological diseases in humans. It is a predisposition to the sudden onset of convulsive attacks.

What could cause a seizure?

Various circumstances can cause this pathological condition. The most significant situations are:

An epileptic attack can occur as a result of the following factors – alcohol, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, stressful situations, refusal of antiepileptic drugs.

Status epilepticus

Status epilepticus is a series of convulsive seizures. It is a very dangerous phenomenon, which is deadly due to respiratory arrest and suffocation, which can occur during a series of seizures. The patient needs emergency medical assistance, as status epilepticus is the main cause of death in individuals with epilepsy.

Forms of epilepsy

Epilepsy is classified based on its origin and the type of seizure.

Regardless of the form of the disease, it is important for every person to know how to provide first aid during an attack. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary for those who have a seizure in a public place. If a person has a seizure, it is necessary to ensure that the airway is not impaired, to prevent biting and retraction of the tongue, and also to prevent injury to the patient.


The most popular and effective methods for diagnosing epilepsy include:

How to distinguish an epileptic seizure from fainting or tantrum?

Description of an epileptic seizure:

First aid for an epileptic seizure

If you see a person who has an epileptic attack, then you need to be able to help him or her. Do not panic – just know the algorithm of first aid for an epileptic seizure:

  1. Lay the patient on something soft. In extreme cases, put a jacket/bag under his or her head to prevent injury;
  2. Turn the patient’s head on its side and keep it in this position – this will prevent swallowing vomit and saliva;
  3. Slightly hold the lower and upper limbs, but strongly compress them and try to resist convulsions is impossible;
  4. If the jaw is already tightly closed, it is forbidden to unclench the teeth with any object, but if possible, you need to insert a folded handkerchief or a napkin into the person’s mouth.

After the attack is over, the patient falls into a deep and often prolonged sleep – you should not wake him/her up, but you need to call the ambulance team to fix the seizure and administer specific drugs. In addition, an ambulance call is necessary if the patient has a disability group for epilepsy – doctors should record the frequency of seizures, as this is useful for the next examination.



Unfortunately, there are currently no effective methods for treating epilepsy in classical (allopathic) medicine. Usually, the treatment of epilepsy includes the administration of drugs that suppress convulsive activity. It is also necessary to stop the external symptoms, alleviating the patient’s condition. Statistics show a gradual disability in patients with epilepsy. The patient is forced to take drugs all his/her life even with a prolonged absence of epilepsy attacks because there is no guarantee that this will not aggravate the disease. The treatment of epilepsy is considered successful if the dosage can be reduced over time. Cases of a complete cure are extremely rare. In fact, the described method of treating epilepsy is aimed at suppressing the external symptoms of the disease and does not affect its cause.

The treatment of epilepsy is primarily aimed at creating conditions for restoring the lost energy balance, normalizing the psychoemotional state of a person and correcting impaired functions of internal organs.

It is important to note that the treatment of epilepsy is a complex and difficult but solvable task with the combined efforts of a doctor and a patient.


For preventive purposes, it is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol, strong coffee and tea; avoid smoking, overeating, interrupting night sleep, hypothermia and overheating, staying at high altitude, as well as other adverse environmental influences. Patients with epilepsy should keep to a milk and vegetable diet, practice a long stay in the air, do physical exercises, comply with the regime of work and rest.