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Global studies show: depression, like cardiovascular disease, is becoming the most common disease in today’s world. This is a common disorder that affects millions of […]

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Price Cialis is an effective treatment for male sexual dysfunction. The main active component of the drug is tadalafil. It is absorbed quickly enough, giving […]

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Alcohol is a strong psychotropic substance that affects the psyche and human behavior. In small doses, alcohol causes excitement, manifested in an increase in mood, […]

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The virus was first discovered in Uganda in 1947 in rhesus monkeys living in a forest called Zika. Until recently, it was detected only in […]

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Cancer is a neoplasm of a malignant nature that can affect any organ of the human body. What causes cancer? The causes of cancer are […]

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A biobank is a large organized collection of samples, usually taken from humans, intended for use in research activities. Storage and cataloging of samples in […]

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Parents who learn that their child has autism perceive this condition as a death sentence. What is this mysterious disease? What are the causes of […]

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Alzheimer’s disease is a neurocognitive disorder that is the most common cause of dementia; it accounts for 60 to 80% of cases of dementia in […]

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Aging is the process of gradual disruption and loss of important functions of the body or its parts, in particular, the ability to reproduce and […]