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Opioids are potent painkillers prescribed by your healthcare provider for moderate to severe pain. Although taking opioids has some risks, they can help you control pain. When taking opioids, it is important to follow directions given by your healthcare provider.

You may be prescribed opioids if other medications do not help relieve pain or may affect cancer treatment. Opioids can help you control your pain so you can do daily activities and improve your quality of life.

Commonly prescribed opioids include:

What is an opioid epidemic?

The opioid epidemic is a recent increase in cases of opioid dependence (addiction to these substances) and deaths due to the use of opioids. Its cause is the misuse of opioids. The misuse of opioids is as follows:

How can I take opioids safely?

You can take opioids safely by following these tips: