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Malaria is an infectious disease caused by parasites (plasmodia malaria), which are transmitted from a patient to a healthy person through the bites of malaria […]

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Influenza: what is it? Influenza is an acute viral disease that affects primarily the respiratory system. Influenza is included in the category of acute respiratory […]

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For over forty years, HIV has remained one of the key problems of modern society. Therefore, HIV diagnosis is now attracting a lot of attention […]

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Epilepsy is one of the most common chronic neurological diseases in humans. It is a predisposition to the sudden onset of convulsive attacks. What could […]

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Enterovirus infection is a group of acute infectious diseases caused by intestinal viruses (enteroviruses), characterized by fever and polymorphism of clinical symptoms. Etiology Enteroviruses are […]

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Cardiomyopathy is a change in the heart muscle of an often unexplained cause. The condition for making a diagnosis of “cardiomyopathy” is the absence (or […]