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A stroke is an acute cerebral circulation violation. This is a disease associated with a lack of blood flow and subsequent death of brain tissue, which can result in impaired muscle strength, coordination of movements, sensitivity, speech, mental functions, sometimes even coma and death.


A stroke can occur both in the brain and in the spinal cord. There are 2 main types of it, depending on the causes:


Accordingly, the main risk factors are:

Also, common causes are:

In 40% of cases, a stroke leads to profound disability. After such damage, a person, in most cases, is not able to socially adapt, he needs constant help.


Symptoms in which a stroke should be suspected:


A simple and quick test to independently detect the first symptoms of a FAST stroke. It stands for: F (face) – A (Arm) – S (Speech) – T (time).

First aid

Stroke diagnosis

In order to make a forecast regarding the potential likelihood of a stroke or to prevent a relapse of the disease, doctors recommend passing:

To diagnose a stroke that has already happened it is required the following options:

Stroke treatment

Treatment methods for acute stroke are:

To restore the body after a stroke, a course of exercise therapy is necessary. With a formed heart attack or hemorrhage, brain tissue dies irrevocably. There are no ways to “build it up” again. The restoration of motor and mental functions can only occur if the neighboring nerve cells have retained the ability to “retrain” (neuroplasticity). Naturally, the retraining process is impossible without the practical training of lost skills, i.e. medical gymnastics, if the motor function is lost.