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Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the absence of erection, which prevents from performing sexual intercourse. Often, this pathological condition is accompanied by a decrease or absence of sexual arousal or the absence of orgasm. Most men encounter erectile dysfunction sooner or later. This problem has the most negative effect on the status of men and family relationships.

XL Pharmacy uses the following erectile dysfunction classification as follows:

  1. Primary erectile dysfunction;
  2. Secondary erectile dysfunction


The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is the lack of normal pressure in the penis, which makes it impossible to conduct full sexual intercourse.

People used to consider erectile dysfunction and impotence equal. However, nowadays, the decrease in strength and duration of penile pressure during coitus is not always called “impotence”.

The term “erectile dysfunction” is more common now, and “impotence” means the complete absence of erection.

Men with reduced quality and duration of pressure are much more numerous than patients suffering from a complete lack of erection.


Erectile-Dysfunction-drugsThere is an opinion that erectile dysfunction develops over the years and is a consequence of natural aging. This does not always correspond to reality. If there are no serious pathologies leading to erectile dysfunction, the patient is able to lead a full sexual life both in his 60-s and 70-s.

Our specialists believe that erectile dysfunction occurs due to a natural decrease in male sex hormones or due to psychological problems. Currently, doctors are inclined to believe that the main cause for most patients is the organic changes in the mechanism of erection.

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Erectile dysfunction causes of varying degrees of severity may also be the following:

Blood vessel dysfunctions are often conditionally divided into:

Important: The number of drugs that can provoke erectile dysfunction in men includes luteinizing hormone, antidepressants, antihistamines, β-blockers, and some more.

Other erectile dysfunction risk factors include:

Among the common-sense diseases, the leading causes of erectile dysfunction impairment are atherosclerosis (progressive), diabetes mellitus and hypertonic disease.

Nicotine and alcohol abuse can also cause erectile dysfunction. Under the influence of the above-mentioned pathologies and individual factors, the vascular walls lose elasticity, which prevents normal blood flow to the arteries and veins.


The universal erectile dysfunction remedy does not exist, as the causes of erectile dysfunction, as mentioned above, can be numerous. In some cases, a man can help a good rest and change the situation. This technique is effective in psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Modern medicine offers a number of remedies for eliminating or minimizing erectile dysfunction symptoms. Online pharmacies offer both ED medications and surgical methods.

How to cure erectile dysfunction XL Pharmacy drugs?

From ancient times humanity has known so-called “aphrodisiacs” – natural compounds that increase libido and have a beneficial effect on erectile function. Nowadays, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and a number of similar preparations came to replace them. They are not universal means and are characterized by a variety of side effects.

  1. Generic Viagra for men is one of the most effective medicines for increasing potency and the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra reviews are mostly positive. The drug acts within 4-5 hours and is very easily removed from the body;
  2. Generic Cialis tablets are valid for 36 hours. In fact, the pills are used to unload the body when taking medicines, because good potency will be provided for almost two days after taking only one Cialis pill. Generic Cialis reviews are the most flattering;
  3. Generic Levitra is used as a hedge against failures during sexual intercourse thanks to its speed and effectiveness. In addition, generic Levitra is the only ED drug recommended to men who suffer from diabetes mellitus. Levitra side effects are rare and not serious, which is of tremendous importance for a particular category of men.
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