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Means for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Classification

Remedies for erectile dysfunction are a combination of various drugs, dietary supplements, as well as folk recipes for decoctions, tinctures of medicinal herbs and other components. All these differences in nature means are gathered into one large group, since they have one common property – ability to improve or normalize n erection in a man, making it sufficient for full sexual intercourse.

Means against Impotence – General Characteristic of Existing Methods of Treatment

Impotence can be due to various reasons, including the use of certain medications or any systemic chronic diseases of organs that do not directly relate to the reproductive system. For effective treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to take into account cause that provoked problems with potency. A general tactic of therapy should include the simultaneous use of drugs aimed at eliminating causative factors, as well as symptomatic drugs that can improve potency. Isolated use of symptomatic drugs that improve potency, without treatment of causative factor, usually turns out to be ineffective.

erectile dysfunction
So, at present, there are the following treatments for impotence, which are used in different situations depending on the causative factor:

1. Means of Conservative Treatment of Impotence:

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2. Minimally Invasive Means:

In the past, minimally invasive methods have been used in the treatment of impotence, but now they have quickly lost their place to various conservative means, as the latter has become much more effective and easier to use.

Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction – Classification and Brief Description

Currently, a group of drugs used in the treatment of impotence is called potency regulators. In turn, potency regulators are classified into the following groups:

1. Preparations that increase the content of nitric oxide in vessels of the penis:

2. Alpha-blockers:

3. Prostaglandin-E analogs – Alprostadil.

4. Androgens (male sex hormones) – Testosterone, Andriol, Mesterolone, Proviron, etc.

5. Myotropic antispasmodics – Papaverine.

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6. Preparations with the complex composition (herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines, animal drugs, and dietary supplements) – urological drops Gerbion, Kopriva, Milo 11, Permikson, Prostamol Uno, Prostanorm, Prostakor, Tentex Forte, Himcolin, Speman, Testalamin, Golden Pipit, Red Root, Arginine, Viardot, Vuka-Vuka, etc.

7. Preparations of various pharmacological groups:

8. New drugs for the treatment of impotence (experimental) – Minoxidil, Melanotan, Vaso-intestinal peptide.

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