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XLPharmacy was created for fans of first-class service and those who value their time. Our company has an impeccable reputation and thousands of devoted customers all over the world.

The selection of medicines takes a few seconds since they are distributed in the corresponding drug categories. Here you can find detailed information about each drug, practical recommendations, so there is no need to search for additional information elsewhere. In addition, our customers can always count on the support of competent consultants. Orders are accepted around the clock, after which they are immediately prepared for shipment and delivered to any destination around the globe.

We regularly replenish the range of medicines with new high-tech generic drugs developed by leading pharmaceutical companies in the world.

We are proud of the exceptional quality of all our products, confirmed by all the necessary certificates. Each product passes through a multi-level control system, and the most reliable companies are included in the number of suppliers. Our customers are well protected from counterfeiting and dubious drugs, which, alas, are often found on the online market. At the same time, prices remain quite affordable and competitive. With us, you can always count on an individual approach, efficiency and impeccable service!

The documentation attached to each medication fully complies with the requirements of the current legislation. In addition, you can be sure of strict observance of the conditions and terms of storage – this is one of the main and immutable rules of our service. When you choose XLPharmacy, you choose the best service!

Despite an impressive work experience, we do not stand still but are constantly improving our service, keeping up with the times and even ahead of it.

Our values

Our specialization: generic drugs

We mostly sell generic medication from Canada. Below you can see two most important features of such drugs:

  1. A generic drug completely repeats the formula of the original product. The difference may be in additional components, but they do not affect the effectiveness but are required for better penetration of the active substance into the body;
  2. Cost. The original manufacturer invests colossal amounts in drug development, testing, tablet production and public relations campaigns. And the creators of the generic just take the ready-made formula and release a product that is already known to the whole world.

Men’s health products

XL Pharmacy offers a rich selection of Canadian meds for men’s sexual problems (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.). Our bestsellers are Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, etc. Here you can buy:

XLPharmacy – the best service!

To provide qualified assistance, we have experienced consultants who strive to help you in choosing a product, as well as to give adice you on any issue online. Thanks to our skilled team, you will be confident in the quality of the consultation and the reliability of the information. We selected only the best employees just for you!

We are also in a hurry to inform you that we are constantly developing unique offers that help you save a lot and get only the best drugs. You will surely be satisfied!

Quality of medications

Our pharmacy works to provide people with only high-quality, reliable medicines. At the same time, we try to offer reasonable prices for medicines.

XLPharmacy presents goods that comply with the norms and requirements. Medicines have certificates confirming their high quality.

The main attention is also focused on proper storage and transportation. All products must be protected from excessive moisture (adhesive plasters, cotton wool, bandages, etc.), frost.

Pharmacy employees regularly inspect the goods for packaging integrity, for expiration dates, etc. This increases your safety by many times and in no way threatens your health.


Wide Range

A regular pharmacy is not able to offer all the drugs you need. But our online pharmacy provides a wide selection of generic medications. Here you can take your time to study all the medicines, read the descriptions, contraindications and other information.


Fast Delivery

A regular pharmacy is not able to offer all the drugs you need. But our online pharmacy provides a wide selection of generic medications. Here you can take your time to study all the medicines, read the descriptions, contraindications and other information.


24/7 Service

A regular pharmacy works only at certain times of the day, while our website is operating 24/7. You can place an order in the evening or at night, just go to the website and select the product you want to buy.

Lower Cost

Lower Cost

The cost of our medicines is lower than in regular drugstores. This is due to the fact that we do not need to rent a room and monitor the operation of an extensive network. No funds are spent for these purposes, so they are not included in the cost of our drugs.

Complete Confidentiality

Complete Confidentiality

Shopping at our pharmacy is completely anonymous, so don’t be shy. Some diseases are quite intimate and you may not like to discuss them with a pharmacist (especially when there are other people in the room). Such difficulties do not arise when you make an order over the Internet.

High Quality

High Quality

We cooperate with large and trusted suppliers of generic drugs. We take a responsible approach to work, therefore, we comply with all storage standards and temperature conditions for drugs. We offer only high-quality goods.

Customer Reviews

Join a huge number of happy customers fall over the globe who say XLPharmacy is a Number One Drugstore for the entire family. 90% of our customers return for more!

Cool Pharmacy!

I have been ordering from this site for a very long time. I just find all the drugs I need, compare the prices with other pharmacies and made an order. You can find the right drug through the search bar or using the menu. When placing an order, you will see an approximate date when the order will be delivered. The list of products is really impressive. And I appreciate that the website has a secure payment processing system. I would also like to dwell on the most pleasant point: PRICES. They are MUCH lower than those in regular pharmacies. And finally, it’s cool that the drugs are delivered to my house door, so I do not even need to go anywhere to get the goods! It’s so convenient given that I have 2 small children 🙂 XLPharmacy is my favorite online store! Highly recommended!

Charlotte, 48

Pleasant experience

I liked this website: they offer cheaper medicines compared to other pharmacies (I made a comparison for many drugs). Delivery is speedy (I’ve never had to deal with any delays, all orders were delivered even earlier than it had been promised). I greatly appreciate their discounts and free shipping on all orders over $200 and a wide assortment of generic drugs. No complaints! I’ve just received my 8th order with this pharmacy and it’s fine as usual! Well done!

Jessica, 29

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