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Essence of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is an ejaculation that occurs before sexual intercourse or immediately after its onset and causes dissatisfaction of both partners. According to WHO, premature ejaculation frequency depends on the male age. So in men at the age of 18 to 25 years, it is 68-70%, from 35 to 46 years – 70-72% and from 58 to 68 years – almost 90% of all sexual acts result in premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation causes are conventionally divided into two main types:

Next, XL Pharmacy considers premature ejaculation causes in more detail.

The Main Premature Ejaculation Causes

Most often this problem occurs in the absence of emotional intimacy between partners. A man, having past unsuccessful experience with a partner, is going through that he can not deliver his partner enough pleasure, and such an experience provokes premature ejaculation. If the problem is only in this, then an open conversation with a partner and complete mutual understanding can well establish a sexual life.
Another reason may be a relationship with a partner. Unresolved conflicts, feelings of guilt, self-doubt, and thoughts of his failure can also lead to premature ejaculation. In this case, it is better to contact a psychologist who can speak with both partners.

Quite often premature ejaculation occurs with irregular sexual relations. Especially when having sexual intercourse with a very desirable partner, that is, due to sexual overexcitement. If the problem is in this, then it is solved by regular sexual intercourse with a regular partner.

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Scientists believe that a certain contribution is made by heredity. This does not mean that if the father suffered from premature ejaculation, then the son will necessarily be the same, but there is some chance the son will have a diagnosis of premature ejaculation.

Problems with the environment can also provoke premature ejaculation development.

But an even greater contribution is made by an unhealthy lifestyle, that is:

You can solve this problem. And it’s better not to get carried away with such things, not only to prevent premature ejaculation, but also many other diseases that result from an unhealthy lifestyle.

One can not help but highlight the sexually transmitted diseases role. Some of the venereal diseases lead to prostatitis development and, in turn, to premature ejaculation. It is better to prevent complications of sexually transmitted diseases in form of prostatitis which can be using individual contraceptive methods in case of accidental sexual contacts, and if there is a suspicion of infection, do not postpone the visit to venereologist.

What should I do to Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

The most, perhaps, simple and safe way is the mechanical control of premature ejaculation. It can be carried out by both the man himself and his partner. In the case of self-management, a man at the moment of approaching orgasm stops frictions and squeezes penile base with fingers, preventing orgasm.

If the process is controlled by a woman, then at the moment of approaching orgasm a man gives her a conventional sign, after which she strongly compresses the penile base, which also depresses ejaculation. After the ejaculation was prevented, man changes the rhythm of frictions, accelerating or slowing down in accordance with feelings.

For many couples, means to prevent premature ejaculation are:

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If premature ejaculation is caused by increased balanus sensitivity or the presence of phimosis, then surgical treatment in the form of circumcision is indicated. After circumcision, penile glans loses sensitivity, a little coarsening, which allows prolonging the sexual intercourse.

To prolong time and improve the quality of sexual intercourse, even Taoist doctors recommended various gymnastics. In their writings, doctors often talked about love and sex.

Sexual contacts in these works were considered as a necessary condition for physical and spiritual person’s health. Particular emphasis was placed on the technique of love, brought to the level of art. At the same time, the most important part was control over ejaculation, which explains existence in those days of a large number of benefits for “young men who start living”, concerning this aspect of the issue.

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