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Levitra as Main ED Drug

Levitra, which is created for therapy of erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient – vardenafil inhibits 5-type of phosphodiesterase substance. Generic Levitra is prescribed for a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (when the patient does not have an erection or if erection is not stable, while he cannot produce copulation).

Levitra from XL Pharmacy – online store is sold in the form of tablets. Each Levitra tablet contains 20 mg of vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate, 10 mg, 5 mg, or 2 and 0,5 mg.

After being an entering organism, Levitra online penetrates into the blood very soon. The activity of the drug is noticeable after a quarter of an hour (usually in 25 minutes), and the total time of effectiveness of one Levitra dose is from 4-5 hours.

The maximum Levitra level in blood is observed after an hour after its use. The body uses about fifteen percent of Levitra’s active ingredient. If you use a tablet with fatty food, then the drug will come later, and in blood, the drug will be delayed for longer, about an hour. At the same time, the maximum Levitra dosage in blood will be lower by approximately twenty percent, but the effectiveness of this will not suffer. If you use a medication with food that is not too greasy, it does not affect preparation assimilation by the body. The main active Levitra ingredient is ninety-five percent interacting with blood proteins. The drug is excreted from the body too quickly.

Levitra as Main ED Drug

Levitra Action Explained

Levitra is applied for erectile dysfunction therapy. Erection is caused by increased blood flow. In order for an erection to be successful, the relaxation of smooth muscles of cavernous bodies and arterioles, which are located inside the cavernous bodies, is necessary. When the brain receives signals from erogenous zones, nerve receptors of cavernous bodies produce nitric oxide, which affects some other substances, as a result of which smooth muscles of cavernous bodies relax. Blood can freely enter a cavernous body and fill it.

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Levitra’s effect is that it does not allow 5-type phosphodiesterase to act. This substance inhibits the process of nitric oxide interaction with certain biologically active substances, which does not allow to relax muscles. Under this drug influence, the activity of nitric oxide increases, thus an erection is achieved, and sexual intercourse becomes possible. Similar action has some other specialized drugs. Levitra’s effect does not depend on the patient’s age. When testing the drug in clinics it was proved that Levitra is equally effective in the treatment of young and older patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Tests have been conducted that have shown the same effect of Levitra in patients with renal insufficiency and healthy patients. The maximum Levitra dose in the body affects the patient’s liver. It is not desirable to use the drug in case of severe liver dysfunction.

Side Effects

Most often, when using Levitra, men do not experience any inconvenience or undesirable phenomena. Sometimes Levitra side effects are so weak that they also do not cause any inconvenience. In addition, they pass quickly and independently. When prescribing this drug, it is necessary to take into account the individual reaction to the drug, which also takes place in some cases.

To side effects of Levitra it can be attributed:

Also, in erectile dysfunction treatment by means of Levitra, disturbances in the digestive system, such as the urge to vomit, dyspeptic phenomena, some changes in the production of hepatic biologically active substances, are possible.

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There are the following side effects:

There may be a runny nose and dyspnoea. Allergic reactions to the drug can also be attributed to:

Also, with the use of this medication, a small number of men had individual photosensitization manifestations.

Erectile dysfunction treatment with this drug can cause:

In rare cases, Levitra’s use causes priapism. A very small number of patients increased intraocular pressure and glaucoma. Due to the fact that Levitra is a safe drug, the number of side effects is not great. This drug has no systemic effect.

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